• We have felt the devastating effects of the Covid-19 on our families and communities.  The Corona Virus pandemic has forced many of us to lose their job and the duration of the lockdown, as well as how the recovery will take place is still unknown. Like the case of my husband, he came home just to take a vacation only, and 5 days before his return to Middle East all International Flights have been cancelled. We find ways to survive because we were gradually depleting our savings and we also have financial obligations to pay. This is why we took the Online Freelancing Course under “New Normal”.
  • As my husband is browsing in his Facebook Account, he came across in this FVA Consultancy Online Training Course advertisement. He became interested on Graphics Design and I became enthusiast on Freelancing Course.  It was agreed between that enrolling in this online course will keep occupied with something more productive rather than senseless things which are resulting from the ongoing Pandemic of Covid-19. This crisis is causing significant stress amongst us, and people with less activities are faced with a lot of issues of mental and physical well-being. Furthermore, this is also a good way to make himself much busy through graphics exercises while waiting for the opening of International Flight. And in God’s will, this will most likely be his freelance job aside from being an Electrical Engineer.  Enrolling in FVA Academy cost invest money and time in addition to our three kids enrolled in school, but we are confident this benefit us in time once we get a job and practice what have learnt in this academy.
About Me

Hi, I’m Analee. Previously working as Administrative Assistant to General Manager in a well Established Company. Working in the administrative department has taught me a great deal about handling customers, and honed myself to overcome challenges with my duties and complete daily tasks which eventually contributed to the goals of the company. For this excellent performance, I was awarded the Rookie of the year and compliment generously. I created this blog to share my thoughts and skills as a Virtual Assistant. Thanks for taking a few minutes of your time reading this. Stay Safe!!


  • And today, it marks our  week 4 Coaching Sessions and I can truly say that I’m enjoying every freelancing session and I really learned a lot although I have knowledge on how to be a Virtual Assistant by watching video and research, but taking this course at FVA is not just coaching you to be a Virtual Assistant but making you to be a better one, to further enhance your skills, to excel at your chosen niche as they say. In FVA Consultancy I learned about the following :
  • Social Media Marketing/Management
  •  SMM Creation and Optimization  
  • Content Writing and Scheduling
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Lead Generation
  • You Tube Optimization
  • Basic Website Creation and there’s so much more
  • Please Click Here For more samples of my work

So, the next time I apply as Virtual Assistant, I know that I’m more confident that I can handle the job efficiently no matter how hard it is, because my extensive training at FVA Consultancy had given me full knowledge of how a true Virtual Assistant works.

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